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What services do you offer ?

• Custom designed and built gunite swimming pools and spas and water features
• A broad selection of coping, deck materials, and specialty veneers, (pavers, travertine, textured concrete, stone, tile, and more)
• A variety of Pebble pool interiors , Polishes Surfaces, all tile surfaces
• Many types of rockwork including our own state-of-the-art panel rock system
• The latest in pool and spa automation
• Custom built outdoor kitchens
• Complete renovation and remodeling services; no job too big or too small

How long will it take to build the pool ?

It takes approximately 8 weeks to build a pool, however, the complexity of the job, weather, and occasionally the time to get a building permit will cause the process to take longer. We take pride in getting the job done right and on time. We have an outstanding record when it comes to getting done within the agreed upon time. To get a better idea of how long it will take to complete your project, contact us today.

How long have you been in business ?

Skyline Pool & Spa was founded in 1988 in Menlo Park, California as a family owned and operated business. Skyline Pool & Spa remains family owned and operated and continues their tradition of employing most all phases of service, repairs, and construction in the areas of design, excavation, reinforcement steel, plumbing, masonry and equipment installations.. When we talk about our experience, we are talking about our employees not someone else's, employees certified as the manufacturer’s warranty and service centers in all the equipment we provide you.

What are your hours of operation?

Our office and Retail Center is open Monday through Friday 7:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. PST, and by appointment if needed to work with your schedule at

426 Willow Road Menlo Park, California 94025 Ph. 650.323.SWIM(7946)

How do I get to your location and retail center?

Google Maps

What is the best way to tour examples of your work?

1) Visit our Gallery at


2) Contact Skyline Pool & Spa to schedule a tour of some of our customer's own backyards.

Either way we are happy to show you what we can do for you, and our satisfied customers our proud to show their "Skyline" pools.

How do I get an estimate and a design?

Contact Skyline Pool & Spa to set up an appointment.

What are the costs of owning a pool and/or spa?

The maintenance costs are divided into two main areas:

1) Utilities, such as gas or propane and electric
2) Routine maintenance and chemicals

Every pool we build involves unique aspects that affect energy usage. The size of the pool, the presence of a heater as with the installation of a spa, and many other factors contribute to energy usage. Our staff is able to assist you in the planning of your backyard project. When planning, be sure to ask how the design of your pool will impact your maintenance costs.

What is your warranty?

There are many components of a swimming pool and backyard project. You will want to know the specific warranties for the components that you will want to include in your project. The warranties range from one year up to a lifetime warranty. Our staff is knowledgeable in what the different warranties are and would be glad to discuss the warranties on the various components necessary for a project like yours.

Are you competitively priced?

Yes. We are not however a mass builder. Each pool is customized for your safety and enjoyment. We do not offer template pools, each is unique to your vision and surroundings. Not all pools are created equal. We strive to offer the best in materials and workmanship. Our research has shown that for the same pool with the same materials and workmanship our price is very competitive.

How soon can you start?

The time between the signing of an agreement and the beginning of the actual construction process is referred to as the "lead time". There are many behind-the-scenes activities during this time. A set of construction plans is created by our in-house drafting and design department. The plans are submitted to your city or county building department in order to obtain a building permit. After we obtain a permit to build your pool, factors such as weather, local soil conditions, and in some cases a third party's cooperation in providing accessibility to your backyard all play a part in determining how soon the work will begin. We are always ready to help you with the information specific to your area.

Are there any restrictions in the city I live in?

Skyline Pool & Spa works with most building departments in the San Francisco Bay Area. Each has their own requirements for swimming pools and spas. Contact us for the building codes in your city or county, or them directly. We are happy to assist you.

How do you get into my backyard?

Every yard needs an onsite evaluation to determine the best access for our construction equipment and to determine the best method of delivering the necessary utilities to your new equipment. This planning is essential to making the construction process run smoothly. We are licensed, insured, and bonded for every phase of construction that is performed. A project manager is responsible for communicating with you, listening to your concerns and keeping you in the loop. Have a specific question about construction or access repair? We are ready to assist you.

Why choose employees over subcontractors?


By employing our own craftsmen we are able to provide the utmost in quality. Each worker takes pride in building our pools to the exacting Skyline Pool & Spa standards that have been the backbone of our family owned and operated Construction Company. We take care to hire and keep the most skilled workforce in the swimming pool industry. Because most of our people are employees we control the construction implementing quality control for each detail. We believe that limiting the subcontractors on our project delivers a better result, and our limited subcontractors in Gunite and Pool Surfaces employ the same standards and beliefs as our own.

We also encourage the self-development of our employees. We foster a work environment that generates loyalty to our company. You can count on Skyline Pool & Spa employees to put their signature "pride of workmanship" on your pool.


There are no silly questions. We have been in the business a long time.
  • Don't be afraid to ask.
  • Skyline Pool and Spa knows how to help .
  • We are fast, friendly and efficient.